Robert the haunted doll

Robert the haunted doll

Robert the haunted doll


Let me take you back to the year 1896 in Key West, Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Otto had a young son named Robert Eugene, “Gene” for short. The Ottos mistreated their servants and in particular took care of Gene. It was said that she practiced voodoo and gave Gene a three foot doll, stuffed with straw.
Gene named the doll Robert after himself. Gene became obsessed with playing with and you would never see Gene without Robert.

The Ottos would often hear Gene talking to himself. This may not seem so bad, but it is said that he would answer himself in a completely different voice.

Strange things started to happen in the Otto household. The neighbors would see Robert walk about the widow’s walk from window to window watching the commotion on the street. Mr. Otto even claimed he heard Robert giggle and he could of sworn he saw Robert walk about the house.
Gene began to have nightmares and would wake up screaming. His parents would respond to his screams and would find their child frightened on the bed, with his furniture turned over and Robert the doll at the foot of Gene’s bed with a smirk on his face. Gene would yell out “ROBERT DID IT!!” When any mishaps would happen, Gene would always say “ROBERT DID IT!! IT WAS ROBERT!!”
Robert was eventually moved to the attic.

After Gene’s father died, Gene inherited the house. He moved his wife in and they found Robert in the attic and promptly moved him to the turret room, so Robert could have a view.

Gene became an artist and when he returned home from work and found Robert had been moved he would get angry and return him to the Turret room or Roberts room, as Gene called it. Of course Gene’s wife began to question her husband’s sanity.

Eventually Gene grew tired of Robert’s antics and returned him to the attic. Gene died in 1972 and his wife sold the house, leaving Robert in the attic. A new family moved in and it wasn’t long before their daughter found Robert and added him to her doll collection. It wasn’t long before Robert unleashed his fury on the child.

Robert now sits in a glass case in a museum in Key West in this little sailor suit, holding his little white lion. His expression is said to change with his mood and if you don’t ask Robert’s permission to take a picture, your picture will come out blurred or blacked out. Robert’s soul is slowly dying and if you don’t believe me, just look him up on Youtube:


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