Did you know?

Black holes is the most dense object in the universe, so dense that it doesn’t able to withstand its own gravitational pull. Blackholes gravitational pull reaches infinity as it mass reaches infinity.

Time and mass was related to each other in a way that an object will more time if it was placed next to a dense object. The observer might see the object move faster from the outside perspective and the observer move slower. An example for this is that you age slower and experience time more slower in space than it is from earth.

Assuming that you survived the intense force caused by the gravitation pull of a blackhole, it will take you forever to reach its center, the infinite mass of the black hole also means infinite time, assuming that you are immortal and you are swallowed by a black hole, you will never reach the center. It was like a bottomless pit.


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4th year high school at EVSU, section Edison.

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